Sana’s Resolution.



The alarm beeped loudly. Sana groaned and switched the alarm off. For a few seconds, she just laid on the bed. She felt completely irritated and tired as well. Her utmost desire right then was to forget about her jogging and go back to sleep again. But she remembered the promise she had made to herself.

As she brushed her teeth, Sana looked at her own reflection in the mirror for a while. She was 23 and thankfully she didn’t look older than her age. Her skin colour was whitish and she had a clear skin. She felt proud about the fact that she didn’t have any dark circles. She always made sure that she had a proper 8 hours sleep every night. She washed her mouth and then applied face wash on her face. She splashed water on her face and felt fresh.

As Sana began to wear her t-shirt and her track pants, her eyes didn’t waver from her stomach. It was a large one, that stole the happiness of wearing any frock or skirt. The stomach was the reason that urged Sana to take the resolution of jogging every morning for one full hour. She wanted to make her stomach completely flat. She wanted to feel good about her own body.

It was 7 am by the time Sana stepped out from her apartment building. The sun hadn’t peeked by then and the air was a bit cool. Sana inserted the earphones into her ears and started jogging. The music made her feel upbeat and completely optimistic about the step she had taken. She saw a few people walking on the joggers’ track and after a while, exchanged few hellos as she jogged past them. Her speed was good and she felt completely energetic. As she jogged, she saw the birds hopping from one branch to the other and also saw some dogs running just outside the joggers’ track. Life seemed so colourful to her then.

That’s when a realisation hit her. This was the experience that was missing in her life. Lately, she had been so busy pursuing her career that she had neglected her health and her beauty. She stopped working out and turned a blind eye towards the hobbies that always made her heart soar. Sana smiled to herself. With this realisation, she was about to change her life for the better. She decided to change her routine wherein certain time slots would be given for her hobbies and her workout.

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